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An essential oil, that is mainly called clove oil is made from clove trees. Originally from Southeast Asia is now also seen growing in other places. The dried flower buds of the clove tree are harvested and then used to distil clove oil. It is possible to use the stem and leaves of the tree as well. The pungent, spicy aroma of clove oil, which ranges in hue from colourless to light yellow, has been used for millennia in a number of uses.

What advantages does clove essential oil have?

Traditional uses for clove oil include several things, such as:
• As an antimicrobial,
• To help kill bacteria;
• As a painkiller for ailments like toothaches and muscle pain;
• As a digestive aid;
• As a remedy for respiratory diseases like cough and asthma;
• And as a stomach upset reducer.
Though several distinct compounds have been found in clove oil, eugenol is one of its main substances. Researchers are examining the potential health advantages of clove oil and its constituent parts, as they have with many other essential oils. Let us explore some of the findings of the research to date in more detail.

Anti-microbiological action

In one study, scientists discovered that clove oil had the power to eradicate staph bacteria cells in both biofilm and liquid culture. This study suggests that clove oil might be able to penetrate the biofilm and kill staph germs, unlike most antibiotics.

Tooth uses

Researchers looked at the impact of clove oil on the erosion of teeth that is caused by acidic drinks like apple juice in 2012. Cavities might result from dental erosion of the teeth. The study's findings shows that clove oil and its compounds can effectively stop dental erosion have led the study's authors to speculate that clove oil would function similarly to fluoride in preventing cavities.

Uses on the skin

In 2017, researchers tested clove oil to see if topically putting it on affected chronic itching in any way. When compared to petroleum oil, clove oil significantly lessened irritation, the study found. In a 2007 studyTrusted Source, stool softeners and lignocaine cream were compared with the topical administration of clove oil cream in the treatment of anal fissures.

Ant-cancer characteristics

In a study from 2014Trusted Source, a line of human breast cancer cells were tested in vitro. This suggests that the cells were examined in a test tube or dish. Clove oil was found to be toxic to cancer cells at particular quantities, according to research.
For centuries, people have used clove oil to cure respiratory conditions, ease stomach discomfort, and reduce pain. According to study, clove oil may be beneficial for oral and topical applications, for curing infections, and perhaps for avoiding cancer. Like with any essential oil, use clove oil sparingly. Always see your doctor if you have any queries or concerns prior to consuming clove oil.

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